Data Element

Family Health History


Support for Family Health History in USCDI

Family Health History information is critical to clinicians' ability to personalize care based on individual risk factors and to understand a patient in the context of their family system.  While some clinicians will add diagnoses corresponding to specific items related to family health history or circumstances to a patient's problem list, this is done inconsistently and not all relevant items exist in the ICD hierarchy.  Also, as the industry moves increasingly toward utilizing and analyzing EHI with new analytical tools, such as AI and ML, the value of codified family health history to inform actionable insights will continue to increase. 

Level 2 Data Class: Family Health History

Level 2 Data Class: Family Health History

Level 2 Data Element: Family Health History[AK1] 


IMO supports the inclusion of the proposed Level 2 Data Class for Family Health History and the specified level 2 data element for Family Health History.  The data class and data element are currently specified as part of ONC HIT certification criteria, and SNOMED CT and LOINC are widely implemented to capture family health history.


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