Data Element


NCPDP Comment

NCPDP recommends adding the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard v2017071, NCPDP Specialized Standard v2017071, NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Version D.0 and NCPDP Real-Time Prescription Benefit Standard Version 12 as “Applicable Standard(s)”.

CDC's Consolidated Comment for USCDI v4

  • Additional use cases:
  1. COVID-19 hospital reporting
  2. All hazards reporting
  3. HAI
  4. Patient safety quality measurement and public health surveillance via NHSN
  •  Comments from NACCHO: NACCHO supports the inclusion of the data element facility name
  •  Comments from CSTE: CSTE agrees with CDC's recommendation for this data element.  

Unified Comment from CDC

  • CDC considers this element to be high priority and strongly recommends its inclusion in the USCDI V3   
  • CSTE supports inclusion of this measure into USCDI v3: Very useful for this information to be captured in some way and then subsequently used in reporting to PH.

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