Standards Version Advancement Process

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§ 170.202(a)(2)

§ 170.202(b)
§ 170.202(d)

§ 170.202(e)(1)

§ 170.204(a)(1)
§ 170.204(a)(2)
§ 170.205(a)(3)

§ 170.205(a)(4)

§ 170.205(a)(4)

§ 170.205(a)(5)

§ 170.205(b)(1)
§ 170.205(d)(4)
§ 170.205(d)(4)
§ 170.205(e)(4)
§ 170.205(e)(4)
§ 170.205(g)
§ 170.205(g)
§ 170.205(h)(2)

§ 170.205(h)(2)

§ 170.205(h)(3)
§ 170.205(i)(2)
§ 170.205(i)(2)
§ 170.205(k)(3)
§ 170.205(o)(1)

§ 170.205(p)(1)
§ 170.205(r)(1)
§ 170.205(s)(1)
§ 170.205(s)(1)
§ 170.213

§ 170.215(a)(1)
§ 170.215(a)(2)
§ 170.215(a)(3)
§ 170.215(a)(4)
§ 170.215(b)

1SVAP is permitted in ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule in the Real World Testing CoC/MoC: § 170.405(b)(7) and (8) and ONC-ACB PoPC  §170.523(t)


2020 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) and Standards Ver

The attachment contains the 2020 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) and Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP) Review and Comments from VHA OHI CIDMO Interagency Health Informatics Division

2020 ISA and SVAP Comments Matrix_VHA CIDMO Final.pdf

Request for HL7 CDA NHCS IG R1 Release 3 to be approved for SVAP

The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), Division of Health Care Statistics requests the HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: National Health Care Surveys (NHCS) R1 STU Release 3 - US Realm (Release 3) standard, published in February 2020, be approved by ONC under the Standards Version Advancement Process for the 45 CFR 170.315(f)(7) Transmission to Public Health Agencies – Health Care Surveys certification criterion.    NCHS understands that should this requests be approved: a) providers can continue to submit data to NCHS via CEHRT certified to the HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: National Health Care Surveys (NHCS), Release 1 - US Realm and HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: National Health Care Surveys (NHCS), Release 1, DSTU Release 1.2 – US Realm standards for (f)(7) and b) that any EHR product or HIT Module that chooses to enable Release 3 submissions through CEHRT does so voluntarily.  The justification for this request is that in order to meet information needs in health care such as the opioid crisis,, the current COVID-19 pandemic, future  epidemics, and other challenges, NCHS’ National Health Care Surveys have evolved since the HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: National Health Care Surveys Release 1, DSTU Release 1.2 –US Realm, August 2016 was created. Health care interoperability as well has evolved during this time period with the advent of USCDI V1, FHIR and APIs.  While NCHS does embrace FHIR and is moving to develop FHIR standards, we do understand that CDA will continue to be an important and relevant standard for years to come. NCHS has pulled all these threads together in Release 3.  Release 3 is a significantly streamlined and up-to-date IG that: a) deprecates approximately 30+ data elements, b) more closely aligns with USCDI V1, and c) updates OIDs and value sets. Should this request be approved by ONC, NCHS plans to ask EHR vendors and HIT Modules to Real World Test Release 3.

HL7's SVAP Comments

Attached are Health Level Seven (HL7) International's comments on ONC’s voluntary Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP) and the related standards and implementation specifications that will be considered.

HL7 Response SVAP Letter 11.08.20 FINAL .pdf

EHR Association Comments to ONC on the SVAP

On behalf of the EHR Association, we appreciate the opportunity to provide input into the first Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP), to enable voluntary adoption of a more current version of a standard included in the 2015 Certification Edition Cures Update.

EHR Association Comments to ONC on the Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP).pdf

Comments from the Alliance for Nursing Informatics

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on the Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) and the Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP). The Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI), co-sponsored by AMIA & HIMSS, advances nursing informatics leadership, practice, education, policy and research through a unified voice of nursing informatics organizations. We transform health and healthcare through nursing informatics and innovation. ANI is a collaboration of organizations that represents more than 20,000 nurse informaticists and brings together 25 distinct nursing informatics groups globally. ANI crosses academia, practice, industry, and nursing specialty boundaries and works in collaboration with the more than 4 million nurses in practice today. We offer our comments as nursing informatics stakeholders in the attached document.