Sending Healthy Weight Information

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Type Standard Implementation/Specification Standards Process Maturity Implementation Maturity Adoption Level Federally required Cost Test Tool Availability
Implementation Specification
Balloted Draft
Rating 1
Limitations, Dependencies, and Preconditions for Consideration Applicable Security Patterns for Consideration
  • The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Healthy Weight Profile Childhood obesity surveillance systems utilize either measured (e.g. NHANES) or parent/self-report height and weight to calculate BMI.  The profile also includes the HL7 Occupational Data for Health (ODH) template.
  • Public health agencies have been studying the relationship between obesity and work factors; for example, the prevalence of obesity has been shown to vary substantially by occupation. 
  • See IHE projects in the Interoperability Proving Ground.
  • System Authentication  -  The information and process necessary to authenticate the systems involved
  • User Details -  identifies the end user who is accessing the data
  • User Role – identifies the role asserted by the individual initiating the transaction.
  • Purpose of Use - Identifies the purpose for the transaction.



Been there, done that, doing it again for the umpteenth year in IHE. It isn't hard, but adoption is low because there's not a significant incentive for use of any standards to do this in light of other mandates (you can call CEHRT/MU/MIPS a voluntary program but, let's be realistic here).