Updates to Event Notifications Via the Direct Standard (R)

This entry should be updated to reflect current adoption and status of the standard. Here is a link to the published Standard: Direct Standard(r) is now a Registered Trademark.  Process Maturity Level should be "Final" Adoption Level should be "Medium" - three "dots". Update the Limitations in the following matter:
  • A variety of transport protocols are available for use for event notifications delivery. Trading partners will need to determine which transport tools best meet their interoperability needs, however, Direct (referenced further in Exchange/Services - "Push" Exchange), has been adopted by both EHRs and by intermediaries as a prominent option for transport. Even when HIE networks are in place, Direct is often used as a transport protocol to deliver notifications to EHRs in provider workflows. 
  • DirectTrust Standards Implementation Guide "Event Notifications via the Direct Standard(R)" provides a profile for the payload included in event notifications when Direct is the transport. The guide standardizes HL7 2.5.1 usage and maps metadata elements to support appropriate routing and workflow for receiving systems. Human readable text is also stipulated as a part of the specification to support uncomplicated edge systems. The Implementation Guide was published and ANSI approved May 11, 2022. 

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