Representing Provider Role in Team Care Settings

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Use of the NUCC Provider Taxomony

I commented on how to properly reference the NUCC Provider Taxonomy code system and a value set that represents it in the Representing Health Care Providers section. The value set has an old name that perhaps should be changed to remove the "(HIPAA)". Noting that this element exists and is the proper use of the NUCC Provider Taxonomy, there can be confusion about how those concepts should also be used in the Representing Health Care Providers section. 

NCPDP - Comment

Taxonomy codes should be added as a standard. The pharmacy industry uses this value set to determine covered practice settings.

NUCC Taxonomy is challenging…

NUCC Taxonomy is challenging.  SNOMED CT is better for this purpose, as it references ONLY the singular aspect of provider role and does not merge three separate aspects (role, setting and specialty).

NUCC is too precise

NUCC is too precise, combining specialty and setting. Providers or care team members may have more than one role or more than one care setting. The precision of NUCC essentially decreases accuracy.