Proposed Adjustments to “Industry and Occupation” Tab

  1. NIOSH suggests that the “Industry and Occupation” tab in the Vocabulary/Code Set/Terminology section be renamed to “Job, Usual Work, and Other Work Information.”  Industry and occupation are general terms that conceptually refer to type of business and type of work, respectively, and require context to be understood, i.e., job industry, usual (longest-held) industry, job occupation, usual (longest-held) occupation. In addition, these concepts are just a few of the concepts that are used to characterize a person’s work, both past and present. The suggested title aligns with the recent CDC submission to USCDI.
  2. The current ISA structure provides value sets for industry and occupation in both of the pages in the “Industry and Occupation” tab. NIOSH suggests deprecating the “Representing Industry and Occupation” page in favor of only using the “Representing Work Information” page, and renaming that page to “Representing Job, Usual Work, and Other Work Information.” If the “Representing Industry and Occupation” page is to be retained separately, then NIOSH suggests retitling and updating the “Representing Work Information” page to only include concepts about work other than industry and occupation.
  3. NIOSH suggests moving the references to the FHIR and CDA templates from the “Representing Patient Industry and Occupation” to the Content/Structure Tab, since these are content formatting standards, not vocabulary. If that is not an option, NIOSH suggests that these references be added to the “Representing Work Information” page, since they encompass multiple work information elements.

Add Work tab to Content/Structure section

Add a “Job, Usual (Longest-Held) Work, and Other Work Information” Tab to the Content/Structure section: Information about a person’s work is relevant for many clinical care, population health, and public health use cases. A quick reference to modular interoperability templates for work information, which can be inserted into an implementation guide or profile for the desired use case (if not already there), could be valuable for interoperability implementers. A suggested structure for this tab is attached.