Representing Patient Gender Identity

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NCPDP - Comment

NCPDP currently uses sex/gender values of (M)ale, (F)emale and (U)nknown.  NCPDP is evaluating future modifications to include additional gender identity concepts.

Please consider appropriate…

Please consider appropriate vocabulary for preferred pronoun.  It would be extremely helpful to improve the patient-provider experience.


Prounouns and name used are necessary too

We think that the Applicable Value Set(s) and Starter Set(s) provide appropriate answer options to measure current gender identity. We also encourage the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology to encourage providers to ask the patient what pronoun and name the patient uses, use that pronoun and name when interacting with the patient, and enter this information into the Electronic Health Record. Knowledge of this information is essential to providing affirming health care to transgender patients.

Chris Grasso, MPH

Associate Vice President for Informatics and Data Services

Fenway Health


standard for preferred pronoun

Please consider also a standard for preferred pronoun. Assuming gender based on the first name or registered sex and/or gender preference can present challenges to health care providers and their teams. In 2013, the World Professional Association for Trangender Health Electronic Medical Record Workging Group published recommendations for how gender should be recorded in EHRs. These recommendations specify that “Preferred Name, gender identity and pronoun preference, as defined by the patient, be included as demographic variables collected in the EHR.



JAMIA - Transgender Health and EMRs.pdf

Personal Pronoun Value Set needed

It is important and respectful to the patient to record their personal pronoun. Establish a value set for personal pronoun and include in transition of care documents.

Regenstrief - Comment

We concur with the recommendations on the use of LOINC and SNOMED CT (and null flavor) here. A new concept (and corresponding answer list) request for “Personal pronoun” will be submitted to LOINC and made available in a subsequent release.