Representing Patient Allergies and Intolerances; Food Substances

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Rating 4
Limitations, Dependencies, and Preconditions for Consideration Applicable Value Set(s) and Starter Set(s)
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There are over 4000 of these codes in SNOMED CT. It is still way to broad to be useful. Would suggest that a value set that would be useful would cover top 100 food items.  Avoid repetition like

256349002 Peanut - dietary (substance)      
229889003 Peanut brittle (substance)      
102260001 Peanut butter (substance)      
412047006 Peanut containing products (substance)


How many different ways do we need to say an interpret Peanut containing products?  Would you feed peanuts to someone with a peanut butter allergy?  That kind of clinical decision making needs to go into the making of these value sets.


UNII code system and value set is specific to FDA Product labeling and is not all that helpful for clinical use.  SNOMED CT is much better suited for this purpose.