ACLA ISA comment re: Patient Address

Proposed guidance should not conflict with and must not supersede ANSI accredited standards already cited for federal adoption, for example by CMS or ONC that may be included in HL7 V2 standards such as the Meaningful Use Stage 1 citation of HL7® Version 2.5.1: Implementation Guide: Electronic Laboratory Reporting to Public Health (US Realm), Release 1 with Errata and Clarifications and ELR 2.5.1 Clarification Document for EHR Technology Certification. 


Perhaps the ISA scope statement could contain a statement that the ISA does not intend to cite conflicting standards and any conflicts should be reported directly to ONC?  For example, following this section in the scope statement.

            The ISA is not exhaustive, but it is expected to be incrementally updated to include a broader range of health IT interoperability needs. When more than one standard or implementation specification is listed, it is intended to prompt industry dialogue as to whether one standard or implementation specification is necessary or if the industry can efficiently interoperate more than one. It may also reflect the fact that there is an ongoing transition from the use of one standard towards a new version or even a next-generation approach.