Representing Nursing Interventions

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  • According to the Journal of Nursing Education  nursing interventions can be defined as "any task that a nurse does to or for the patient" or "something that directly leads to a patient outcome."
  • Coded interventions may be linked as related/dependent concepts to observations and assessments, as appropriate.
  • The Procedure axis of SNOMED CT is the terminology used for Nursing Interventions.


We are delighted to see the…

We are delighted to see the addition of Nursing content in the 2017 ISA and concur with all of the recommendations for use of LOINC and SNOMED CT.

Should clarify what is meant…

Should clarify what is meant by a nursing intervention and provide a definition and examples. If a request for vital signs is a nursing intervention then it will be hard to know when the request is fulfilled. if the code doesn't match it will be hard to manage the process from request to fulfillment