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Modify Adoption level of NPI to 5.

NCPDP Comment

Modify Adoption level of NPI for pharmacy to 5

NCPDP Comment

  1. NPI is mandated in HIPAA transactions however not all prescribers (for example veterinarians) are able to obtain an NPI.)
  2. Adoption level of NPI for pharmacy is 5

NCPDP Comment

NPI is mandated in HIPAA process however not all prescribers (for example veterinarians) are able to obtain an NPI.

Good choice of coding system…

Good choice of coding system but doubt it is used much. Some empirical data from an IHE or even a illustrative EHR could help settle. 

Regenstrief - Comment

We should clarify that there are two purposes subsumed by this current interoperability need. The first is to uniquely identify the person (provider). That need is addressed by the NPI. It is an “instance” identifier. The second need is to categorize or identify the type of provider they are. That is addressed by the NUCC Health Care Provider Taxonomy. But, there is already a “Representing Provider Role in Team Care Settings” section, so it seems more appropriate for the NUCCPT to be listed as a standard there rather than here.

NCPDP - Comment

The NPI is mandated in HIPAA named standard transactions; however other identifiers are used as needed (e.g.: State PDMP, state government programs)

Should NUCC Provider Taxonomy be used here?

Given that there is also a Representing Provider Role in Care Setting section that presumably is used to represent a care setting specific role, then some clarification is needed for how the NUCC PT code system would be used here, particularly when the NPI is not a role, it is an identifier. These are two very different kinds of concepts and I suspect they should not both be used here. Perhaps NUCC PT should only be used in the Representing Provider Role in Care Setting section.

Value set link and OID for NUCC Provider Taxonomy

  1. Please change the NUCC standard to "National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) Health Care Provider Taxonomy" Or you can just use NUCC Health Care Provider Taxonomy if you want it shorter. The provider taxonomy is the main thing people get from the NUCC, but NUCC provides other code sets so just saying NUCC is not specific. 
  2. The link you should use for the taxonomy is
  3. VSAC provides a value set for the provider taxonomy. The OID is 2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.1066.
  4. VSAC has a direct link to the latest expansion for this value set here:
    1. This syntax will work for every value set VSAC has. I would suggest you use it for all VSAC value sets so users can click and directly go to the value set expansion view
  5. It would be good to standardize on how to represent OIDs. In some places you just list the OID, in others you list it as a URI (urn:oid:2.16.840.1.114222.4.11.1066)