Representing Health Care Data for Emergency Medical Services

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  • The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) provides a universal standard for the collection and transmission of emergency medical services (EMS) patient care data. NEMSIS data is collected by EMS practitioners at the point of care and includes patient demographics, medical treatment provided, and EMS response times. NEMSIS includes the National EMS Database which accepts EMS data voluntarily submitted by U.S. States and Territories. NEMSIS requires local EMS systems to collect a national set of data elements for submission to the National EMS Database through their respective state. Local EMS systems have the option to collect additional NEMSIS data elements to meet local needs.
  • NEMSIS uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to move data. States and software companies create products that are used to send and receive EMS data in the proper XML format from agencies to states, then on to the National EMS Database. More information about NEMSIS is available at
  • Mapping and translation resources are available for mapping or translating older versions of the dataset to newer versions of the dataset.