Representing Depression

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General comment on social, psychological, and behavioral data

The American Medical Association appreciates the opportunity to comment. Coding systems like SNOMED CT are designed to capture granular clinical data accurately. While it is possible to convert granular clinical data to ICD-10-CM (e.g., SNOMED CT -> ICD-10-CM), the reverse (e.g., ICD-10-CM -> SNOMED CT) is not reliable. Where ICD-10-CM may be the best choice to meet specific needs (e.g., public health reporting or administrative forms for payors), there are means whereby ICD-10-CM codes can be computed from the more specific clinical data provided by code systems like SNOMED CT. For these reasons, where there are established (legacy) code systems, we should continue to support them. However, where possible, we should also consider the graceful evolution to codings systems (e.g., SNOMED CT) that more accurately support granular clinical data.