Representing Alcohol Use

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The AMA requests that the…

The AMA requests that the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set be added to the standards listed in Section I: Representing Alcohol Use. CPT codes 99408 and 99409 identify patient screening and intervention for alcohol abuse. CPT codes 8032-80322 identify testing for alcohol. CPT code 82075 identifies an alcohol breath test. In addition, CPT Category II codes identify a patient screened for unhealthy alcohol use (3016F), patient counseled about risks of alcohol use (4158F), and patient counseled for pharmacologic treatment for alcohol dependence (4320F). CPT is a comprehensive and regularly curated uniform language that accurately describes medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and provides for reliable communication among users. It has an extremely robust and mature development process with open and transparent meetings and clinical input from national medical specialties and relevant stakeholders. It is the most widely adopted outpatient procedure code set. Use of the CPT code set is federally required under HIPAA.

NCPDP Comment

  1. Substance use fields are available in NCPDP SCRIPT Standard Version 2017071 to allow alcohol use information to be transmitted via SNOMED codes
  2. Add the following:
Type-Implementation Specification Standard Implementation/Specification- NCPDP SCRIPT Standard, Implementation Guide, Version 2017071 Standards Process Maturity – Final Implementation Maturity- Production Adoption Level – 1 Federally Required – Yes Cost – $ Test Tool Availability – Yes
  1. Include Test Tool Link: