WA State Department of Health Death Records Comments

  • Washington State Department of Health appreciates having the standards listed on the “Reporting Death Records to Public Health Agencies” page and does not have any new standards to recommend. We do have some comments about the standards listed:
    • The value binding link for VRDR Decedent address.district appears to be broken. The text of the hyperlink is correct but encoding the URL has broken the functionality of ‘?’ and ‘=’. Similar bugs appear in multiple places.
    • The change history indicates should be numeric (presumably for city FIPS), but the resource profile says text. Which is correct?
    • We are unable to locate some profile elements listed in the terminology bindings page
      • Certifier role (observation.code and observation.valueCodeableConcept)
      • Death Certificate.Informant (contact.relationship)
    • The terminology bindings page seems to indicate that usual industry, usual occupation, and military service are part of a profile called Decedent Employment History, but the artifacts indicate resources of ‘Decedent Military Service’ and ‘Decedent’s Usual Work’.