Remote patient monitoring

Thank you for highlighting the significant benefits of remote patient monitoring in supporting chronic condition management, patient education, and patient empowerment. By leveraging technology to monitor patients' health remotely, healthcare providers can enhance the quality of care, increase patient engagement, and potentially reduce hospitalizations. Remote patient monitoring has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions.

Section III-A Remote Patient Monitoring to Support Chronic Condi

Related to prior comment, Continua, via the ITU, has also been approved for its test suites at the ITU. Test suites are freely available via both Continua and the ITU. These are the ITU's H.820. Link: 


Section III-A Remote Patient Monitoring to Support Chronic Condi


1.For the 1st Row (ITU H.810…), please change:

•Standards Process Maturity to Final.

•Implementation maturity to Production.

•Adoption Level to 3 dots.

•Test Tool Availability should be ‘Yes’

•Add ‘H.812.5’ after ‘H.812’ within the series of standards to the ‘Standard Implementation/Specification

2.Add a second row for “Continua Design Guidelines by PCHAlliance and include the same as the fields for the ITU above.