UDAP for Client App Registration, Authentication & Authorization

This work has now been jointly published by and HL7. The Security for Scalable Registration, Authentication, and Authorization (UDAP Security - Business-to-Business workflow is therefore recommended for use in this type of exchange; it is an Emerging Implementation Specification for securely scaling FHIR transactions by validating trusted ecosystem endpoints.

Additionally, the Interoperable Digital Identity & Patient Matching IG is recommended as it includes best practice guidance for patient matching.

IHE - Document Sharing

The Document Sharing exchange family of specifications from IHE fit this use-case well.

This includes FHIR based exchanges as specified in the Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD) and Mobile Health Documents Sharing (MHDS)

eHealth Exchange Specifications

To whom it may concern, 

Can the hyperlinks to the eHealth Exchange Specifications listed below be corrected to reference this corrected link ( because the current links are broken.  Also, the eHealth Exchange would like to request that the maturity level be increased to match the maturity of the Carequality Implementation Guide (level 5) since Carequality does references these exact same specifications for their Query IG with further constraints and the eHealth Exchange network is very mature with 300+ gateways in production today exchanging data using these specifications since 2009 when it was an ONC project.  Also, the test tool availability should reference this link ( instead of the Aegis DIL.  The eHealth Exchange has not used the Aegis DIL for testing since July 2018.  Please contact if you have any questions related to this request. 

eHealth Exchange Specification: Patient Discovery

eHealth Exchange Specification: Messaging Platform

eHealth Exchange Specification: Authorization Framework

eHealth Exchange Specification: Query for Documents

eHealth Exchange Specification: Retrieve Documents

eHealth Exchange Specifications Tooling Comment

Rather than using the (, please reference this link instead (  The Sequoia Interoperability Testing Platform has specific test cases and scripts designed for the eHealth Exchange specifications leveraging IHE tooling components. 

Since STU3, HL7 FHIR has…

Since STU3, HL7 FHIR has included the Patient/$match operation which allows for patient matching using MPI-based logic. The FHIR DocumentReference resource can then be used to query for documents. When these are performed across communities, this provides comparable functionality to the XCPD and XCA standards already referenced. For this reason, we recommend that HL7 FHIR be included as an implementation specification in this sub-section with the $match operation and DocumentReference resource called out specifically in the limitations, dependencies, & preconditions area. The match operation replaced a similar MPI query available in DSTU2. Suggested maturity of Pilot and Adoption Level of 1.



Julie Maas, CEO, EMR Direct