Section III-A Push Communication of Vital Signs from Medical Dev


1.For the 3rd Row (ITU H.810…), please change:

•Standards Process Maturity to Final.

•Implementation maturity to Production.

•Adoption Level to 3 dots.

•Test Tool Availability should be ‘Yes’

•Add ‘H.812.5’ after ‘H.812’ within the series of standards to the ‘Standard Implementation/Specification

All should be equivalent to the first row (for ISO/IEEE 11073) as the 11073 the base protocols of the ITU and Continua Design Guidelines (where the test tool exists and is freely available).

2.There is no mention of IEEE 11073 Nomenclature. This nomenclature is recognized within the IHE/HL7 record-set. Please add a new row for this.

***Please note that several of the comments above were submitted last year but not implemented.***