ACLA ISA comment re: using FHIR for laboratory orders and securi

We suggest that ONC sponsor a project for FHIR laboratory orders and results in US Core (multiple payers) to provide the same functionality as V2.5.1 laboratory implementation guides (LOI, LRI, ELR) with V2 to FHIR mapping provided.  The quality of patient results is impacted by the quality of the order the laboratory receives.

Please review the “Applicable Security Patterns for Consideration” applicability to the section and if not applicable, remove.  This would be more appropriate in an introductory section.  This change, if approved, might be applied throughout the document.

Update to most recent version of LOI

Please update to point to the most recent version:

HL7 Version 2.5.1 Implementation Guide: Laboratory Orders from EHR (LOI) Release 1, STU Release 3 - US Realm
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Value Set IG:
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For comments on the Value set Companion guide, please submit DST comments under the guide that the vocabulary belongs to - if for the document itself, just pick one of the guides and submit there with the reference to the companion guide document and page number/section or applicable spreadsheet

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