Newborn Screening Results and Birth Defect Reporting to Public Health Agencies

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Add LOI and LRI IGs to the newborn section

We suggest adding the v2.5.1 LOI and LRI here and note these IGs contain profiles for newborn dried blood spot testing. Our research as part of the Innovations in Newborn Screening Interoperability project indicates that ~25% of jurisdictions are doing some sort of electronic order and result exchanges. We believe a low to medium adoption rate is appropriate.


We suggest adding the v2.6 Diagnostic Audiology Reporting implementation guide to the Newborn Screening section. This IG is currently under development at HL7 and should be published as an STU standard later in 2021.

Normative status for CCHD and EHDI

The CCHD and EHDI standards were published in 2020 as normative so the Standards Process Maturity should be Final rather than Balloted Draft

Update Maturity Level

All of the NANI, CCHD or EHDI standards are in production use somewhere in the United States. We suggest that the Implementation Maturity for these standards be upgraded from “Pilot” to “Production”

Update Adoption Level

The NANI standard is in use at 200+ facilities and across multiple states. We feel that an Adoption Level of Medium (3 filled circles) may be appropriate

Update Test Tool

Publicly available message validation tooling for CCHD and EHDI are available through the NIST v2 Tool Portal as part of their General Validation Tool ( via Tool Scopes of CCHD National IG and EHDI National IG respectively