IHE - Patient Identity management

See the IHE whitepaper covering the many methods of managing Patient Identities.  

IHE - Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR)

The IHE Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR) provides a collaborative community based system of cooperating patient identity sources maintaining a master identity for each patient. PMIR leverages the FHIR standard. see the whitepaper - For example, a consumer system may query the PMIR registry to receive the shared master Patient Identity (aka. golden identity) based on their local identifiers or based on the identifying characteristics of the patient (demographics). In this way a PCP office can discover the master Patient Identity so that it can communicate with the systems in that community using a known patient identifier. This query uses Patient Identity Cross-referencing for Mobile (PIXm) or Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm). Patient identity source will feed create, update, or merge events to the PMIR registry, which will further propagate these changes to a set of patient identity consumers that have subscribed. Upon receiving a create, update, or merge event these subscribed consumers are expected to update their patient information accordingly. For example when a merge has been declared, the subscribed consumer will merge into the surviving identity any data that was known against the merged identity. This set of patient identity source keep the master identity accurate, using update when there are changes to the demographics. The PMIR, PDQm, and PIXm Profiles are used within the MHDS Profile to manage and find the patient’s identifier in that community as part of the Centralized Discovery and Retrieve environment. This is an introduction to the PMIR Profile use within MHDS. PMIR Profile includes other optional functions. Please reference the Profile for details in PMIR.