COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

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Opportunity to Better Highlight the Specialty Care and Settings

HIMSS appreciates the addition of the new “Specialty Care and Settings” section of ISA, which includes information about COVID-19 needs.  However, it may be beneficial to find other approaches to highlight this section as an opportunity to help address the pandemic.  For example, when you click on the ISA Content tab, it does not include this new section.  We ask ONC to create a new tab for the “Interoperability for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic” Section that makes it more visible to ISA users.  Given the importance of federal guidance to respond to the pandemic, it seems like a missed opportunity to not highlight critical public health interoperability needs on COVID-19 in an easily accessible way.  As an initial step, ONC should also include an overview of this section and link on the main ISA webpage to enhance its overall visibility.  We also ask that ONC consider “Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring” an additional specialty care/setting for inclusion in this section.  There is a growing need to consider data exchange for home settings and considerations around device interoperability.  There are a number of applications in use and this setting requires work across a number of systems (emergency medical services, hospital electronic health records, telemedicine system (synchronous and asynchronous) and, remote patient monitoring and device management).  ISA should provide guidance on specific standards to assist in exchange with this setting.  In addition, HIMSS asks ONC to describe what the process is to determine inclusion in the Specialty Care and Setting section, including certain criteria that must be met.  A better overview of this section and how additional inclusions are determined would be beneficial and further highlight the information included there.