NCPDP Comments

  1. Request ONC to add NDC as a value where NDC is used.
  2. Add the following:
Type-Standard Standard Implementation/Specification- National Drug Code (NDC) Standards Process Maturity – Final Implementation Maturity- Production Adoption Level – 5 Federally Required – Yes Cost – $ Test Tool Availability – N/A
  1. NCPDP Emergency Preparedness Guidance document - Declared emergencies, such as weather-related events (e.g., hurricanes, fires, floods, etc.), natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes) or pandemics (e.g., H1N1, COVID-19), have led NCPDP to create this document. This document provides guidance to the pharmacy industry for resources available during a declared emergency. The intended audience is healthcare providers who would need resource information for assisting patients in accessing their products and services provided by pharmacies during declared emergencies. This document will be updated as new information is available.
  Additionally, this document addresses certain emergency preparedness processes and procedures that could be established as daily occurrences to be invoked at a moment’s notice, mitigating urgent training for emergency situations. For example:
        1. Payers/pharmacy benefit managers should have declared emergency criteria established within standard plan benefit templates.
        2. Pharmacy systems should support declared emergency plan billing rules and claim routing information as part of their normal procedures.
        3. Enrollment files and product history are routinely updated and should be accessible during a declared emergency.
  For details, refer to the NCPDP EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS GUIDANCE document on the Resources page of the NCPDP website.

WA State Department of Health SANER Comments

Washington State Department of Health fully supports the listing of the emerging standard Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response (SANER). It is vital to ensuring public health and others can effectively monitor supplies, patient capacity and counts of patient’s being cared for during an outbreak or pandemic.