Physical place of available services or resources.

Data Element

Applicable Vocabulary Standard(s)

Facility Identifier

Sequence of characters representing a physical place of available services or resources.

Facility Type

Category of service or resource available in a location.

Examples include but are not limited to hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, ambulatory clinic, long-term and post-acute care facility, and food pantry.

Facility Name

Word or words by which a facility is known.



Recommend adding Facility Contact Information as a data element. This would allow the patient, provider, and/or family member to have the best phone or email contact information for the care facility.

Level 2 data element to USCDI v3

Vizient recommends adding a Facility Identifier element to USCDI v3 as this allows for more detailed information as to which setting and facility a patient is receiving their care from within an organizational structure.

CDC's comment on the Facility level data class

CDC entered comment on behalf of CSTE: CSTE is supportive of Facility Information being included in v3. This information is extremely helpful for public health reporting to know which facility the patient was treated in. Codes (facility identifier such as Facility NPI) are the best way to transmit the information given common names and sometimes poorly structured facility name and address data.

CMS-CCSQ Support for Organization Identifier for USCDI v3

CMS-CCSQ has recommended inclusion of Organization/Hospital Identifiers in USCDI V3-- for example, unique identifiers issued by CMS (CCN, PTAN). ONC may consider whether the Comment Level 'Organization/Hospital Identifier' data element and the Facility Information data class/ 'facility identifier' data element are overlapping and should be combined.

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