Desired state to be achieved by a patient.

Data Element

Patient Goals

Desired outcomes of patient's care.


Patient Goals

While vendors are rquired to have goals available to populate the USCDI CCDA for the EMR does this mean that clients must implement the workflow they have dictated? 

Patient Goals

Patient goals are often found in advance healthcare decision documents.  This should be found within the Advance Directives data class and not broken out under the GOALS class.  It orphans the data element from context and other patient-authored expressions of a person's goals of care, and priorities/preferences for treatment interventions.

Goals Questions

Is there a specific time frame on the patient goals? (ex. long-term/short-term goals)

USCDI requires that a system…

USCDI requires that a system be able to communicate a desired health state to be achieved by a subject of care (or family/group) over a period of time or at a specific point of time.  It does not specify timing elements of these goals, the subject of the goals, or other specifics.

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