Record of vaccine administration.

Data Element


Applicable Vocabulary Standard(s)

Applicable Standards
  • CDC IIS: Current HL7 Standard Code Set, CVX -- Vaccines Administered, updates through January 31, 2020
  • CDC National Drug Code (NDC) Directory – Vaccine NDC Linker Table, updates through January 31, 2020


CDC's Comment for draft USCDI v5

Since USCDI Version 1 to current draft v5, the "Immunizations" data class has included an "Immunizations" data element, capturing vaccine type information using CVX or NDC codes. However, confusion often arises regarding this element's meaning and its distinction from the data class. To address this, it's proposed to rename the data element to "Vaccine Code" for clarity, aligning with US Core terminology and resolving naming duplications, thus improving understanding and discussion surrounding immunization data within USCDI.

NCPDP Comments on USCDI draft V3

NCPDP applauds ONC for adding NDC and recommends ONC also add the Lot Number. Lot Number is critical for the reporting of immunizations and is included on the IIS form.

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