Activity performed for or on a patient as part of the provision of care.

Data Element

Performance Time

Time and/or date a procedure is performed.

Examples include but are not limited to vaccine or medication administration times, surgery start time, and time ultrasound performed.


CAP Comment on Time of Procedure

  • Data Class: Procedures
  • Data Element: Time of Procedure
  • CAP Comment: The ONC has issued a request for information as to whether a single USCDI data element Time of Procedure satisfies the community submissions to add timing elements to a variety of USCDI data classes. The CAP does not support the use of a single Time of Procedure data element for pathology and laboratory purposes, as it cannot clearly represent the laboratory times and dates that are required by regulation to be reportable. For example, it is unclear whether a single data element named Time of Procedure is indicating the time of the sampling procedure or the time of the analytic procedure. Separate laboratory data elements are necessary to represent regulatorily mandated laboratory dates and times in the USCDI. With respect to current USCDI submissions, this single Time of Procedure data element would not be sufficient to represent the Level 2 laboratory time data elements which are necessary for interoperability and should be added into the USCDI.

Clarification - CDC's Consolidated Comment for USCDI v4

A procedure use case may include multiple timing type data elements within a procedure (e.g. in-room time, time of induction, surgery start). Similar to labs, we recommend new data element called Type of Timing to capture these types of observations within a Procedure.

CDC's Consolidated Comment for USCDI v4

  • Recommend 'Time of Procedure' be specified like labs. For example, procedures with anesthesia for example will include in-room time, time of induction, surgery start, etc.
  • Comments from NACCHO: NACCHO expects that this data element will not provide much value to Local Health Departments as not every procedure has these kinds of values.

Level 2 Data Element: Procedure Timing

IMO supports the inclusion of proposed Level 2 Data Elements for Procedure Timing and Location of Procedure in USCDI V3.  These data elements are incorporated in mature technical specifications including CDA R2 Implementation Guide: Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports, Release 3. ONC certified HIT should be capable of exchanging these data elements.


Unified Comment from CDC

The Multiple Chronic Conditions eCare Plan project successfully tested this element at the Sep 2020 and Jan 2021 FHIR connectathons and has implemented it at the OHSU testing site. 


The CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and the Million Hearts® 2022 Hearts national initiative (co-led by and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) uses this data as it is available for monitoring and evaluation to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes in 5 years. Furthermore, the CDC plans to leverage this data further in the future for surveillance and epidemiology studies if advanced through policy and available from EHRs. The Multi-state EHR-based Network for Disease Surveillance (MENDS) pilot will use electronic health record (EHR) data collected in clinical settings leading to a real-time, chronic disease surveillance model to plan and evaluate short-term outcomes of policies and program interventions.This field is for general comments on this specific data element. To submit new USCDI data classes and/or data elements, please use the USCDI ONDEC system:

USCDI_Version_2_Draft_Template for Comments_DHDSP_MENDS_04.15.2021_3.docx

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