An instrument, machine, appliance, implant, software or other article intended to be used for a medical purpose.

Data Element

Unique Mobile Health Application Identifier (UMHAI)

This is a unique identifier that uniquely identifies mobile health application instance as installed on a mobile device. Related data elements would include Application name, App Builder, version, build number, hosting device, unique identifiers [similar to a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) used to track and identify individual vehicle]. Unique Mobile Health Application Identifier enables identification of application instance to facilitate recall, maintenance, transparency and traceability.


Important data element for data safety and privacy

Given the rise of mobile health app development, there is an important need to track if these mobile apps are following proper data safety and privacy measures. Having this data element is important to make sure that the mobile apps can be tracked and followed up longitudinally. 

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In addition, wanted to update that HL7 Mobile Health Workgroup is now developing a new standard called "Unique Mobile Health Application Identifier (UMHAI)".

The group meets virtually every Tuesday at 1pm ET. 

Important data element

As apps are prescribed to manage chronic disease and some are approved as digital therapeutics, the need to track individual builds becomes more and more important. A unique identifier is needed with defined characteristics (including the role of each portion), scope and management.

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