Appendix I – Sources of Security Standards and Security Patterns

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ISA Security Standards Recommendation

Given the current climate of increased cybersecurity threats, HIMSS recommends that ONC take steps to increase the visibility of the ISA security standards.  With the security standards placed in the appendices due to the breadth of the material, it may be helpful to supply ISA users with a brief summary of the standards in the body of ISA that point to the greater detail in the appendices and serve as a visual roadmap for the resource.  We believe this will help users grasp the importance of looking to ISA for cybersecurity standards as well as where to apply the standards.   HIMSS also emphasizes that we want to continue to be a resource to ONC moving forward on identifying the most widely-used cybersecurity standards by all stakeholders, including industry and academia.  The need for a definitive resource on cybersecurity standards is not going to subside, and HIMSS wants to be helpful to ONC and the community-at-large in identifying the standards for consideration.