Allows a Prescriber to Prescribe Medication Using Weight-Based Dosing

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Type Standard / Implementation Specification Standards Process Maturity Implementation Maturity Adoption Level Federally required Cost Test Tool Availability
Rating 1
Rating 1
Limitations, Dependencies, and Preconditions for Consideration
Applicable Value Set(s) and Starter Set(s)

Included in the Structured and Codified Sig Format of electronic prescribing transactions are elements, fields and values that are directly related to the prescriber's instructions for use.

The following elements of the Sig are required when Structured Sig is sent:

  • Code system
  • Dose
  • Route Of Administration

The following elements of the Sig are conditional (only required when prescriber specifies) when Structured Sig is sent:

  • Vehicle
  • Site of Administration
  • Timing
  • Duration
  • Maximum Dose Restriction
  • Indication

The following elements of the Sig are required when Structured Sig is sent and when dose is to be calculated:

  • Dose Calculation
    • Used where a body metric such as metric weight (kg) or surface area (m*2) is used to calculate a dose for a patient.
    • May often be used in conjunction with the Rate within TimingAndDuration and/or the Vehicle.

The SCRIPT 2017071 Observation element in the NewRx transaction supports the use of a patient's height, weight and other vital signs:

  • Inclusion of VitalSign (most recent patient's height and weight) and ObservationDate (YYYY-MM-DD height and weight observed/taken) is required for patients 18 years old and younger on all new and renewal prescriptions from a prescriber to a pharmacy.
    • If the height and/or weight have changed and a prescriber is sending an approved renewal response, the response should be coded as Approved with Changes.
  • ObservationDate is now mandatory when Observation Segment Measurement is sent.
  • ObservationNotes may contain other pertinent information pertaining to weight-based calculations.

Both the prescriber and the pharmacy must have their systems configured for the transaction in order to facilitate successful exchange, including the ability to send or receive verify, status, or error transactions.

See NCPDP projects in the Interoperability Proving Ground.


Pharmacy HIT Collaborative's Comments on ONC's Proposed 2018 ISA

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative supports the use of Structured Codified Sig Format Implementation Guide Version 2.1.  The Collaborative also supports the move to NCPDP SCRIPT Version 2017071 as soon as participants can reasonably be ready to implement such a change.

NCPDP Comment

  1. Add the following:
    1. Observation Element in NewRx Transaction

Type-Implementation Specification

Standard Implementation/Specification- NCPDP SCRIPT Standard, Implementation Guide, Version 2017071

Standards Process Maturity – Final

Implementation Maturity- Pilot

Adoption Level – 1

Federally Required – No

Cost – $

Test Tool Availability – Yes