Sheryl Turney, MEd

Sheryl Turney


Health IT Advisory Committee, Member
Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement Task Force, Member
Interoperability Standards Priorities Task Force 2018, Member
U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Task Force 2019, Member
Information Blocking Task Force, Member
Intersection of Clinical and Administrative Data Task Force, Co-Chair
U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Task Force 2021, Member
Public Health Data Systems Task Force 2021, Member
EHR Reporting Program Task Force 2021, Member

Director II, Technology, EDA, Data & Interoperability
Anthem, Inc.

Sheryl Turney is a Director within Anthem, Inc. She is the enterprise subject matter expert in the area of Health data sharing, health data use, APCD (All Payer Claims Data) strategy, policy & analytics. In her role she is also responsible for administering Anthem’s data use and release policy and has held leadership roles in the acquisition and use of clinical health data. Ms. Turney has represented Anthem on multiple state Health Information Technology workgroups as an integral part of the Anthem’s support of the State Innovation Model efforts.  Ms. Turney was appointed by the GAO to represent payers and Anthem on the Health Information Technology Advisory Council that was established under the 21st Century Cures Act.  In 2018, Ms. Turney joined the Board of Directors of Carequality and held the office of Secretary for the Board until December of 2019.

Ms. Turney represents Anthem externally working with external stakeholders associated with NAHDO (National Association of Health Data Organizers), AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans), the Confidentiality Coalition and the NCVHS. Ms. Turney represents Anthem on the VHI (Virginia Health Information) APCD Advisory council and Data Use Committee, the CT APCD Data Release committee and various other APCD work groups.  Ms. Turney is also a member of the CA APM Workgroup and the CA APCD Workgroup.  Ms. Turney is also a member of the CT Health Information Alliance - Operations Committee.  Ms. Turney is also currently serving as a Co-chair of HITAC’s Intersection of Clinical and Administrative Data Task Force.

Content last reviewed on July 14, 2021
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