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Portrait of Rachel Nelson

Improving Information Sharing and Patient Safety: Hear from ONC’s Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson | April 3, 2024

Rachel Nelson is the compliance and administration branch chief in ONC’s office of policy, regulatory and policy affairs division. She leads an interdisciplinary team of subject-matter experts focused on advancing information sharing and patient safety.

1. Tell us about some of the projects or initiatives that you lead.

I have a diverse portfolio, spanning development and implementation of specific policies around information sharing, supporting enforcement of the ONC Health IT Certification Program’s regulations, and supporting the health IT safety work spearheaded by ONC’s clinical division.

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Portrait of Melinda (Mindy) Kidder

ONC Welcomes New Chief Nursing Officer

Melinda (Mindy) Kidder | March 7, 2024

Mindy recently joined ONC as the new chief nursing officer (CNO). She brings more than 30 years of experience in patient care, nursing management, informatics, and complex project management in diverse healthcare organizations. As ONC’s new CNO, Mindy will be responsible for a wide range of projects and policy efforts that use her expertise and diverse skills to continue to advance ONC’s mission while contributing the perspective of the nursing profession to that work.

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Portrait of Kim Lundberg

ONC Staff Profile: Kim Lundberg Driving Strategic Planning and Performance at ONC

Kim Lundberg | January 22, 2024

In ONC’s office of policy, the strategic planning and coordination (SPC) division is responsible for ONC-wide strategic planning, objective setting, performance tracking and reporting, and federal coordination. Kim is the performance management lead for ONC and a health specialist on the SPC team. She is responsible for ensuring the performance management portfolio aligns with ONC leadership decisions related to setting priorities and objectives, planning, performance, milestone tracking, resource allocation, risk management, and program evaluation.

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Portrait of Michael Morrison

Procurement Pro: Hear from ONC’s Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison | November 27, 2023

Michael Morrison serves as the procurement branch chief in ONC’s procurement and grants division (PGD). He is responsible for a wide range of key functions associated with the acquisition of goods and services to carry out ONC’s responsibilities. As a senior staff member in ONC’s office of the chief operation officer (OCOO), he manages a highly trained and experienced staff. Together they navigate the complex, fast paced maze of ONC’s procurements.

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