Summary of Public Comment for Draft Strategy

ONC received 208 comments on the draft Strategy on Reducing Regulatory and Administrative Burden Relating to the Use of Health IT and EHRs during the public commenting period. 

The draft strategy focused on 4 areas: clinical documentation, health IT usability and the user experience, EHR reporting, and public health reporting. Many stakeholders commented on more than one focus area in their submissions, with the majority of submissions commenting on health IT usability and the user experience. 

Submission Chart

As intended by the comment process, comments were submitted by a wide range of stakeholders including: Health professional societies, providers of health services, health information technology developers, hospitals, public health entities, health care payers, health care quality organizations, state entities, health care suppliers of services, health care accreditation organizations, and patient advocates. Several stakeholders self-identified as "Other" and encompass a wide variety stakeholders.

For those wishing to review comments submitted relating to this report, please reference the below chart. This chart may be sorted using the dropdown by report section.

Name Sort descending Organization Clinical Documentation Health IT Usability and the User Experience EHR Reporting Public Health Reporting Other Submission
Thompson Boyd Consulting Submission File
Ticia Gerber Health Level Seven Submission File
Timothy Wang Fenway Health Submission File
Troy Kaji Contra Costa Health Services Submission File
Valerie Grey New York eHealth Collaborative Submission File
Vanessa Holley Public Health Organizations Submission File
Vinita Ollapally American College of Surgeons Submission File
Vivian Singletary Digital Bridge governance body Submission File
William Lockwood American Society for Automation in Pharmacy Submission File
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