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Standards & Interoperability

Federal Health Architecture (FHA)

The Federal Health Architecture (FHA) was established as an Office of Management and Budget E-Government Line of Business (LoB) in 2004. The program supports federal activities related to the development and adoption of health IT standards, and ensures that federal agencies seamlessly and securely exchange health data with other public and private organizations.

Today, FHA is working with more than 20 federal partners to emphasize federal advancement of the national agenda for health IT, including the Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Social Security Administration.

CONNECT  is an open source solution that provides a leading edge, flexible platform for health information exchange (HIE). By implementing the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) specifications that support Exchange and Direct transport, CONNECT offers organizations a robust, scalable platform to exchange health data on leading information exchanges, such as the eHealth Exchange. 

RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx)  is a Web-based approach to HIE that is now available to the public and private sector to explore the lessons learned and source code for their unique health IT activities. RHEx was established as an S&I Framework affiliated project funded by FHA federal partners in 2012 to encourage investment in innovative solutions that address the needs of the health IT community. The goal of this project focused on exploring how a RESTful health exchange could be accomplished, and informing a path forward based on an approach driven by community engagement.