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2014 Edition Testing and Certification

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Test Method Overview

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), developed the functional and conformance testing requirements, test cases, and test tools for the testing and certification of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to the certification criteria adopted by the HHS Secretary. By adopting Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) and attesting to Meaningful Use (MU), Eligible Professionals (EPs), Eligible Hospitals (EHs), and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) are eligible to receive incentive payments through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Incentive Programs.

The 2014 Edition Test Method (Test Procedures, Test Data, and Test Tools) is used by testing laboratories and certification bodies to evaluate the conformance and functionality of Complete EHRs and EHR Modules against the standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria adopted by the HHS Secretary to support MU attestation beginning with EHR reporting periods in fiscal year and calendar year 2014. The Health Information Technology: Standards, Implementation Specifications, and Certification Criteria for Electronic Health Record Technology, 2014 Edition; Revisions to the Permanent Certification Program for Health Information Technology, Final Rule [PDF - 1.25MB], published on September 4, 2012, establishes the 2014 Edition EHR Certification Criteria used to develop the 2014 Test Method.

Developing the Test Method

Test Method Development

Following the publication of the 2014 Edition EHR Certification Criteria, ONC began posting the 2014 Edition Draft Test Method in waves on the ONC website in September 2012. A two-week public review period followed the posting of each of the seven waves. ONC reviewed and considered each comment received from the public, but as previously indicated, will not publish the deliberation results or responses to comments. At the conclusion of the public review cycle, ONC updated the test materials and, following approval by the National Coordinator on December 14, 2012, published the Final 2014 Edition Test Method. View the approved 2014 Edition Test Method.

Additional Information

The 2014 Edition Draft Test Method is now archived. Access the 2014 Draft Test Method.

The 2011 Edition Test Method aligns with the 2011 Edition EHR Certification Criteria. View the 2011 Edition Test Method.

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