New Tips for Meeting the Stage 2 Meaningful Use Transition of Care Measure

Are you looking for more support on how to meet the transition of care measure that is required for Stage 2 Meaningful Use? ONC has just released a new brief that provides support.

This is a part of one of the ONC Health Information Exchange (HIE) team’s goals – to provide support and direction to grantees.  Recently, ONC released comprehensive interoperability training modules that are geared toward multiple stakeholder audiences and provide guidance from the elementary level to detailed technical guidance for experts involved in implementation.  The modules cover Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU) topics that are available on  The training topics include:

  • introduction
  • transitions of care exchange
  • lab exchange
  • public health exchange (coming soon)
  • patient view-download-transmit capability (coming soon)

ONC brief on Stage 2 MU Transition of Care measures

To provide more targeted and explicit guidelines to our state HIE program grantees, we are issuing a new brief that provides Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) and Health Information Organizations (HIOs) with available options for supporting the Stage 2 MU Transition of Care measures.

The brief lays out the various ways HISPs and HIOs can support eligible providers and hospitals for Stage 2 Transition of Care exchange, and will assist HISPs and HIOs as they build their strategic and operational roadmaps for the next few years.

Meeting Stage 2 MU Transition of Care measures

Eligible providers and hospitals have a number of options to choose from in order to meet the Transition of Care measures, such as:

  • working with an HIO, or
  • electronically sending a summary of care document for 10% of transitions of care.

Achieving CMS EHR Incentive Program measures

The brief also provides best practice recommendations to ensure the CMS EHR Incentive Program audit measures can be achieved by eligible providers.  While CMS will issue official guidance in the future, we have tried to build in a baseline of anticipated functionality for planning purposes to support these measures.

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  1. Robin Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing such an important resource that help to meet the Transition of Care Summary meaningful use menu measure. It provides a proper insight on the essential clinical information for the receiving care team and helps organize final clinical and administrative activities for the transferring care team.

  2. starlett says:

    for creating transition of care document, do you know if there is a time limit from time patient seen to time of creating document – such as 24-48 hr rule??

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