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  1. Kate Purcell
    Jun 27 - 1:55 am

    This site is exciting, I have been involved at the state level working on ARRA projects as well as volunteering as a first line of response for FEMA during the disastterous effects of Hurricane Irene in Vermont. My career in Engineering software having developed and grown two companies, one from ten to one hundred over several years here in Vermont. Then joining a group of executives and twenty five MatrixOne employees growing to six hundred employees and a very successful IPO Five years later.We won corporate implementations from Johnson & Johnston for successful lifecycle software for solutioning such problems as Global Specifications for J&J to solving a where used for Accuvue, the contact lens business unit of J&J.

    It was my honor to give the initial presentation at GE R&D at Schenectady resulting in the industries
    largest PLM order of appropproximaly sixteenteen million dollars.

    dollars. I have worked to sell and Implimenting software in a variety of settings.

    Working in the in Health environment, given my experience utilizing software in both the medical device environmnet as well as eprescribing and EHR / EMR will serve me well as a caring change agent. Understanding the importance of success for patient, physician, nursing staff, patient and the critical need to drive costs down while driving quality and access to information.

    My goal is to attain the appropriate certification/ education that will allow me to be instrumental in this critical endevaor. Your thoughts on how best for me to proceed are appreciated.


  2. Sam Apex
    Aug 02 - 8:09 am

    I hope that this HHS will transform the American health service by creating something much like the nhs in Britain. This could open up many jobs for qualified nurses which would definitely boost the economy in America.

    Sam Apex

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