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  1. JW
    Sep 18 - 6:03 pm

    Great, great article.

    So just to clarify: an EP could attest for Stage 2 using a 2014 “base EHR” with the additional criteria of:
    Family Health History, Electronic Prescribing, Vital Signs, Smoking Status, View, Download, Transmit, Secure Messaging, Clinical Summaries, the privacy and security requirements, Incorporate lab test results, Patient Lists, Patient Specific Education Resources, Transitions of Care, Electronic Notes, and Image Results…

    But the EHR wouldn’t need to include things like Clinical Information Reconciliation or Clinical Summary Customization… which are certification criteria but not necessarily required to meet the meaningful use measures.

    This is accurate?

    • Steven Posnack
      Oct 28 - 1:51 pm

      Thanks. The last part of your comment is generally inaccurate. The “Clinical Information Reconciliation” certification criterion supports the meaningful use “Medication Reconciliation” objective and measure, which is a core measure for Stage 2. As a result, a provider would need to have EHR technology certified to the “Clinical Information Reconciliation” certification criterion if they could not meet the exclusion for the “Medication Reconciliation” objective and measure. Similarly, the “Clinical Summary” certification criterion supports that corresponding meaningful use objective and measure which is also in the core set. Thus, EHR technology certified to this certification criterion would also be necessary, unless the exclusion for the objective and measure could be met. The specific “customization” capability is one part of the overall “Clinical Summary” certification criterion and must be demonstrated by EHR technology in addition to the other specific capabilities listed in order to pass the entire “Clinical Summary” certification criterion.

  2. mace
    Sep 11 - 1:02 am

    Does the final rule imply that CAHs can attest using ambulatory certified complete emr’s? The premium paid for inpatient certified tech makes no sense for these mostly ambulatory operations. Would love to know as the price diff is half a million for as few as two providers?

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